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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 6 The Washington Redskins offense can't find the endzone before the Defense so far this season. Redskins 16, Cowboys 31

Even the fans are wondering why the Redskins can't seem to find the endzone in Arlington.

Field Goals aren't enough in today's NFL

Cowboys Jason Hatcher stripping RG3
It's no secret that I have NOT been looking forward to writing this update after that disappointing football performance from the Redskins last Sunday night.  Here it is Saturday and I'm just now getting over the piss pour production by the Washington offense against their number 1 rival, the Dallas Cowboys.  How many times can a team kick a field goal when they need to find pay dirt?  Kyle Shanahan, it's time to hit the eject button on your game plan and let RG3 call the plays like Peyton Manning does.

Ok, the streak continues with the Redskins defense finding the endzone before the offense in every game this season so far.  The defense has actually outscored the offense in the first half by a double digit multiple.  In today's NFL, the new "player safety" rules has allowed offenses to score more points than ever.  For some reason the Redskins still can't seem to score a F'ing touchdown consistently.
The Redskins Special Teams puts a new meaning on the word "Special"

Dez Bryant led the Cowboys with 71 yards
 The Washington Redskins had a few holes in their 52 man roster as the Cowboys special teams embarrassingly pointed out.  Dwayne Harris returned a punt for 86 yards and then again returned a kickoff for 90.  With the exception of those two plays, the Redskins Defense played really well holding the Cowboys leading wide receiver Dez Bryant to 4 catches totalling 71 yards.  Dez left the game with a back injury and Jason Garrett informed the media in the post game press conference that Bryant could hardly walk.

The Redskins face the Chicago Bears tomorrow at Fedex and are getting closer and closer to a must win situation.  If they continue to lose, we will start addressing a mathematical miracle that will keep the commercial spots sold however the season will be realistically over.  Remain positive and rebound by kicking the Bears ass tomorrow would be a step in the right direction. 

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 4 The turning point for the biggest game of the season so far in Dallas!!! Redskins 24, Raiders 14

Redskins are headed to Dallas for the game of the week!!

Sunday Night Football, Redskins and the Cowboys!

The Washington Redskins pulled off a convincing victory over the Oakland Raiders in their week 4 contest.  It's another defensive touchdown in the first half that created a spark for the Skins.  This time the play was made by CB David Amerson to continue the defenses record of outscoring the offense in the first half so far this year.  RG3 however did put the offense back on the map (as usual) in the second half scoring by connecting with the unstoppable force of Pierre Garcon.  The more involved Garcon is in the playbook the more successful the Redskins will become as the season continues.

Redskins Cowboys game last Thanksgiving.
The best part about having a "bye week" is so you can regroup and rest your players during the NFL season.  This early break could have been a crippling blow to a potential 0-4 Redskins team which is what made this win so important.  The Redskins certainly are unable to receive another loss or win during the "bye week" however a collection of W's are the key to enter the playoffs.  Begin with taking the win on the road in Oakland and then route for the Cowboys to lose so that we can set up a game for the number 1 spot in the division. Ready break.

Ron Robey and Brandon Carr at Elevate Life Church
If you were near a TV on Sunday and witnessed Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos handle a 0-14 deficit in the first quarter against the Cowboys you should leave a comment at and I'll post it on the next blog.  The Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys battled the whole game until an overtime interception thrown by quarterback Tony Romo ended the game.  This play was very similar to the Pittsburgh game last year when Ben Roethlisberger threw away the game to Cowboys DB Brandon Carr in overtime.  When I spoke to Brandon last, he didn't appear to be rooting for the Redskins in this matchup but didn't mind posing for a picture.  lol  There's no chance the Redskins would have put up almost 50 points in a football game the way they score in the first half so our hope is on the Defense again.  #HTTR

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 3 The Washington Redskins pull off their third "Victory" in week 3 by keeping it a close game the whole game against the Lions. Redskins 20, Lions 27

Will the real Washington Redskins please stand up.

RG3 diving forward and losing the football as he hit the ground
There's no question that the Washington Redskins played the best game of the season so far against the Detroit Lions last Sunday.  With so many unanswered questions on this Redskins team, a true fan would route for the Skins but certainly wouldn't bet any money on the game without taking some points.  The Lions match up however seemed to actually be winnable and the close game gave our fans a glimmer of hope.  Week 3, 0-3 it's time for the real Washington Redskins to please stand up or refund the money I spent on my Chris Cooley, Sean Taylor and RG3 jerseys. SMH (Shaking my head)

The game started out with a momentum changing play by Defensive Cornerback DeAngelo Hall as he returned an interception for another first quarter touchdown.  On a side note, DeAngelo Hall actually has scored more points in the first half of Redskins games on defense this season than the offense has.  If this trend continues into week 4, there has to be some changes in the offense with my target set directly on
Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan game planning for the next week
Kyle Shanahan .  (Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach Dan Shanahan's son)  Hey Dan, I know he's your son but please consider the absence of job security in the NFL and the absence of wins in your teams record.  Kyle, the Skins may be going to the Super Bowl with a "tight spiral" metaphorically if you can imagine the Redskins season like dirty water spinning around before exiting a toilet bowl. SMH

Bill Belichick caught cheating
Jim Haslett (Defensive Coordinator) and the Redskins thirty second ranked pass defense on the other hand are not far away from my crosshairs either.  Can you guess how many teams are in the NFL?  There are 32 teams in the NFL and Washingtons star OLB (Outside Linebacker) Brian Orakpo is one of the best at his position.  Orakpo left the game early on Sunday after getting his "Bell Rung" and didn't return until after the first half.  The mere fact that he returned means that his head injury wasn't a concussion as the NFL takes them very seriously.  The skins have played well in the second half of football games on both sides of the football which means the halftime adjustments have been effective.  Maybe they could grab a couple pointers from coach Bill Belichick and get these adjustments made before the game starts.  SMH

The Skins travel to the West Coast and will play the late game in Oakland this Sunday.  The Raiders may be the Redskins first win of the season which will finally put them headed in the right direction.  It really is a must win situation for the Skins as they are going to be on a "Bye Week" next week and then face the Cowboys in Dallas.  There's really not much to say about the NFC East this year except the fact of one team must to win when they play each other.  With that being said, the Dallas Cowboys lead the division at 2-1, then the Eagles in second at 1-2, followed by the Giants and Redskins with their matching 0-3 records.  Everybody let's roll down our windows and toss out the "Wild Card" opportunities for this year. Winning your division is the easiest way to make the playoffs and the only way an NFC East team will do it this year. SMH

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 2 The Washington Redskins make NFL History at Lambeau field today!!! Redskins 20, Packers 38

Landover Leap at Lambeau Field?

Sunday at Pluckers in Allen, TX
Being a Redskins fan here in Dallas, TX leaves you with a few choices to watch the game.  Directv NFL Sunday Ticket, visit a friend who has it or find a table at your local bar are your options.  To keep this blog alive I forced myself into a crowded Dallas Cowboy Pub and sat at a table full of Packer fans.  It's pretty interesting watching the game while 6 other games are playing at the same time on different TVs.  Wearing my #10 Robert Griffin III Redskins jersey, I screamed as loud as I could when Brian Orakpo was the second player to sack Aaron Rodgers in the first quarter.  This sack apparently was simultaneous to a great Kansas City Chiefs defensive play (who eventually beat the Cowboys) and the Cowboy fans all looked over at me as the crickets began chirping :)

3-0, 10-0, 17-0, 24-0 the Green Bay Packers were simply kicking the Washington Redskins ass up and down the field as I heard all about it from the 3 drunken "Cheese Head" fans at my table.  The last offensive Packer play of the half was almost a touchdown as James Jones reached for the pylon loosing his grip of the football.  This touchdown would have made the game 31-0 however by rule this 6'' mistake awarded the Redskins a touchback and possession of the football again.  RG3 knelled the snap as the Skins conceded the half.

Suite at Fed Ex with Mom and Dad
The Redskins may be the first team in NFL history to have a punter exit the game with a toe injury from too many kicks in the first half.  Today however they did make NFL history for letting another quaterback pass for 480 yards while also letting a runningback rush for 132 yards in the same game.  Commentator and ex New York Giant Michael Strahan referred to a slow Griffin as R2D2 on the Fox halftime show .  If RG3 can't manage score at least 14 points in the first half against the Detroit Lions next week then he deserves a starting position on the bench. "You can't overreact, but you know there's a sense of urgency," Mike Shanahan said.

I would recommend for any fantasy football owners to start Detroit players to include but not limited to Mathew Stafford, Reggie Bush or Megatron Calvin Johnson.  The Lions should be a winnable game for the Skins and there not in that big of a hole at this point.  The Cowboys, Giants and Eagles all lost yesterday making the 0-2 Redskins only one game back for the NFC East lead.  :)  Thanks to all of my friends on Facebook and LinkedIn for critiquing my blog last week and leaving constructive comments to make this better.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 1 Redskins pull off a "VICTORY" at Fed Ex making the game a respectable loss. Redskins 27, Eagles 33

Half of the Redskins Game 

Kenny Chesney at Fed Ex Field

Redskins Defense in the 2012 matchup at Fed Ex
RG3's return for the 2013 season was one of the most anticipated events since Deion Sanders and Bruce Smith came to Washington in 2000 and/or the return of Joe Gibbs in 2004.  Early tailgaters overflowed the parking lots, filling themselves with that football spirit and high expectations of the first game of the 2013 NFL season.  Game time was finally here as #10 Robert Griffin the third was presented pounding his fists on the ground followed by sprinting the entire field holding the Redskins flag.  

The first half of the Washington Redskins season opener proved that bringing a fast paced "College Style" offense to the NFL would be very effective for the Eagles and their new coach Chip Kelly. Mike Shanahan  however equally made his bold statement that the Burgundy and Gold would be an easy win for any NFL team as he brought a "High School Style" strategy.  The electrifying opening kickoff was downed by Philadelphia as Mike Vick and the Eagles offense took to battle.

It seemed almost effortless as the Eagles flew down the field in the first minutes of the game before a controversial call would change the score board inside of the Redskins 10.  Ryan Kerrigan tipped a backwards pass that was left for the referee to collect as DeAngelo Hall continued the play and returned the fumble 75 yards for a touchdown. This play got the Redskins on the board first and the Defense back on the field.  The Eagles continued to easily march down the field for the rest of the first half scoring 26 points while the Redskins only got 2 first downs in the half.  The fans at Fed Ex booed as the Skins retreated to the locker room disappointed in their 9 yards of passing.

It's painfully obvious that "RGknee" :) is not healthy or game ready at this point and should be recovering to protect the Skins future.  Apparently Dr. Andrews is a secret Dallas Cowboys fan and would like to see a 50% RG3 stumble his way to a 50% season (8 and 8) or receive another season ending injury.  The second half of football started with a big question, is RG3 ready or should he be on the bench?  Robert Griffin did improve as the game continued but never looked 100%.

2 first downs into the Redskins first drive of the 2nd half had fans who hadn't left yet getting excited about a potential comeback.  The hopes of this game winning rally from a 26 to 7 Redskins deficit would end on the next play where RG3 threw his second interception of the day into quadruple coverage.  This folly was followed by a touchdown drive on the next possession giving the Skins the 7 points that they scored in the 3rd quarter.  Kai Forbath missed the field goal when finally given the opportunity, but this play did not seem to have a direct connection with the Redskins loss.

Washington ended the game on a positive note as Philly was held to 7 points in the second half.  Griffin racked up 2 touchdowns with 329 passing yards on a conservative "bend but don't break" defense.  Alfred Morris however could only manage to get 12 carries totaling in 45 rushing yards; meanwhile LeSean McCoy accumulated 184 rushing yards, most of them in the first half.  The Eagles have some questions regarding the health of Mike Vick in the later part of a NFL season, but the Redskins have a few more questions than that.
RG3 and Vick meeting at their 2012 matchup

If you're the Washington Redskins, it's time to seriously consider that fact that Griffin is still hurt and RB Alfred Morris' rushing success is directly tied to his quarterbacks' performance.  The NFC East Championship season puts the Skins in a more difficult schedule matching them up to an angry Green Bay Packers team coming off of a loss.  A winning season cannot be defined after week one but hard work that will be required to accomplish this goal going forward.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All Washington Redskins Fans are excited to see the home opener against the Philadelphia Eagles at Fed EX Field in Landover, MD.


This is a moment that we would like to have back!

                #HTTR  Hail To The Redskins

Praise on the Warpath, Fight for old DC!!!

The Washington Redskins will attempt another run at the playoffs this year with hopes of making it out of the first round.  Last year Redskin fans were second guessing Mike Shanahan's decision to keep RG3 in the NFC Divisional game against the Seattle Seahawks.  Robert Griffin the 3rd was injured to the point he absolutely couldn't continue while back up quarterback Kirk Cousins had proven to be a good decision.  RG3 has undergone successful ACL surgery and will be ready for the home opener against the Eagles.

The Redskins Defense faces the Eagles first on MNF
We're going back to the Super Bowl in 2013!!!  HTTR
This Blog will document each and every game of the 2013 season and will provide a collection of game recaps to review and share will your friends.  Our Burgundy and Gold fans are encouraged to comment in our journal that will capture the journey to the Super Bowl in the "Big Apple"from a fans point of view.  The New York Giants have had the chance to be on the big stage and represent the NFC East as the Eagles, Redskins and Cowboys have taken the backseat to a Championship Season.  This is our year!!!