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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 3 The Washington Redskins pull off their third "Victory" in week 3 by keeping it a close game the whole game against the Lions. Redskins 20, Lions 27

Will the real Washington Redskins please stand up.

RG3 diving forward and losing the football as he hit the ground
There's no question that the Washington Redskins played the best game of the season so far against the Detroit Lions last Sunday.  With so many unanswered questions on this Redskins team, a true fan would route for the Skins but certainly wouldn't bet any money on the game without taking some points.  The Lions match up however seemed to actually be winnable and the close game gave our fans a glimmer of hope.  Week 3, 0-3 it's time for the real Washington Redskins to please stand up or refund the money I spent on my Chris Cooley, Sean Taylor and RG3 jerseys. SMH (Shaking my head)

The game started out with a momentum changing play by Defensive Cornerback DeAngelo Hall as he returned an interception for another first quarter touchdown.  On a side note, DeAngelo Hall actually has scored more points in the first half of Redskins games on defense this season than the offense has.  If this trend continues into week 4, there has to be some changes in the offense with my target set directly on
Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan game planning for the next week
Kyle Shanahan .  (Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach Dan Shanahan's son)  Hey Dan, I know he's your son but please consider the absence of job security in the NFL and the absence of wins in your teams record.  Kyle, the Skins may be going to the Super Bowl with a "tight spiral" metaphorically if you can imagine the Redskins season like dirty water spinning around before exiting a toilet bowl. SMH

Bill Belichick caught cheating
Jim Haslett (Defensive Coordinator) and the Redskins thirty second ranked pass defense on the other hand are not far away from my crosshairs either.  Can you guess how many teams are in the NFL?  There are 32 teams in the NFL and Washingtons star OLB (Outside Linebacker) Brian Orakpo is one of the best at his position.  Orakpo left the game early on Sunday after getting his "Bell Rung" and didn't return until after the first half.  The mere fact that he returned means that his head injury wasn't a concussion as the NFL takes them very seriously.  The skins have played well in the second half of football games on both sides of the football which means the halftime adjustments have been effective.  Maybe they could grab a couple pointers from coach Bill Belichick and get these adjustments made before the game starts.  SMH

The Skins travel to the West Coast and will play the late game in Oakland this Sunday.  The Raiders may be the Redskins first win of the season which will finally put them headed in the right direction.  It really is a must win situation for the Skins as they are going to be on a "Bye Week" next week and then face the Cowboys in Dallas.  There's really not much to say about the NFC East this year except the fact of one team must to win when they play each other.  With that being said, the Dallas Cowboys lead the division at 2-1, then the Eagles in second at 1-2, followed by the Giants and Redskins with their matching 0-3 records.  Everybody let's roll down our windows and toss out the "Wild Card" opportunities for this year. Winning your division is the easiest way to make the playoffs and the only way an NFC East team will do it this year. SMH

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