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Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 2 The Washington Redskins make NFL History at Lambeau field today!!! Redskins 20, Packers 38

Landover Leap at Lambeau Field?

Sunday at Pluckers in Allen, TX
Being a Redskins fan here in Dallas, TX leaves you with a few choices to watch the game.  Directv NFL Sunday Ticket, visit a friend who has it or find a table at your local bar are your options.  To keep this blog alive I forced myself into a crowded Dallas Cowboy Pub and sat at a table full of Packer fans.  It's pretty interesting watching the game while 6 other games are playing at the same time on different TVs.  Wearing my #10 Robert Griffin III Redskins jersey, I screamed as loud as I could when Brian Orakpo was the second player to sack Aaron Rodgers in the first quarter.  This sack apparently was simultaneous to a great Kansas City Chiefs defensive play (who eventually beat the Cowboys) and the Cowboy fans all looked over at me as the crickets began chirping :)

3-0, 10-0, 17-0, 24-0 the Green Bay Packers were simply kicking the Washington Redskins ass up and down the field as I heard all about it from the 3 drunken "Cheese Head" fans at my table.  The last offensive Packer play of the half was almost a touchdown as James Jones reached for the pylon loosing his grip of the football.  This touchdown would have made the game 31-0 however by rule this 6'' mistake awarded the Redskins a touchback and possession of the football again.  RG3 knelled the snap as the Skins conceded the half.

Suite at Fed Ex with Mom and Dad
The Redskins may be the first team in NFL history to have a punter exit the game with a toe injury from too many kicks in the first half.  Today however they did make NFL history for letting another quaterback pass for 480 yards while also letting a runningback rush for 132 yards in the same game.  Commentator and ex New York Giant Michael Strahan referred to a slow Griffin as R2D2 on the Fox halftime show .  If RG3 can't manage score at least 14 points in the first half against the Detroit Lions next week then he deserves a starting position on the bench. "You can't overreact, but you know there's a sense of urgency," Mike Shanahan said.

I would recommend for any fantasy football owners to start Detroit players to include but not limited to Mathew Stafford, Reggie Bush or Megatron Calvin Johnson.  The Lions should be a winnable game for the Skins and there not in that big of a hole at this point.  The Cowboys, Giants and Eagles all lost yesterday making the 0-2 Redskins only one game back for the NFC East lead.  :)  Thanks to all of my friends on Facebook and LinkedIn for critiquing my blog last week and leaving constructive comments to make this better.

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