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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 4 The turning point for the biggest game of the season so far in Dallas!!! Redskins 24, Raiders 14

Redskins are headed to Dallas for the game of the week!!

Sunday Night Football, Redskins and the Cowboys!

The Washington Redskins pulled off a convincing victory over the Oakland Raiders in their week 4 contest.  It's another defensive touchdown in the first half that created a spark for the Skins.  This time the play was made by CB David Amerson to continue the defenses record of outscoring the offense in the first half so far this year.  RG3 however did put the offense back on the map (as usual) in the second half scoring by connecting with the unstoppable force of Pierre Garcon.  The more involved Garcon is in the playbook the more successful the Redskins will become as the season continues.

Redskins Cowboys game last Thanksgiving.
The best part about having a "bye week" is so you can regroup and rest your players during the NFL season.  This early break could have been a crippling blow to a potential 0-4 Redskins team which is what made this win so important.  The Redskins certainly are unable to receive another loss or win during the "bye week" however a collection of W's are the key to enter the playoffs.  Begin with taking the win on the road in Oakland and then route for the Cowboys to lose so that we can set up a game for the number 1 spot in the division. Ready break.

Ron Robey and Brandon Carr at Elevate Life Church
If you were near a TV on Sunday and witnessed Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos handle a 0-14 deficit in the first quarter against the Cowboys you should leave a comment at and I'll post it on the next blog.  The Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys battled the whole game until an overtime interception thrown by quarterback Tony Romo ended the game.  This play was very similar to the Pittsburgh game last year when Ben Roethlisberger threw away the game to Cowboys DB Brandon Carr in overtime.  When I spoke to Brandon last, he didn't appear to be rooting for the Redskins in this matchup but didn't mind posing for a picture.  lol  There's no chance the Redskins would have put up almost 50 points in a football game the way they score in the first half so our hope is on the Defense again.  #HTTR

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