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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 6 The Washington Redskins offense can't find the endzone before the Defense so far this season. Redskins 16, Cowboys 31

Even the fans are wondering why the Redskins can't seem to find the endzone in Arlington.

Field Goals aren't enough in today's NFL

Cowboys Jason Hatcher stripping RG3
It's no secret that I have NOT been looking forward to writing this update after that disappointing football performance from the Redskins last Sunday night.  Here it is Saturday and I'm just now getting over the piss pour production by the Washington offense against their number 1 rival, the Dallas Cowboys.  How many times can a team kick a field goal when they need to find pay dirt?  Kyle Shanahan, it's time to hit the eject button on your game plan and let RG3 call the plays like Peyton Manning does.

Ok, the streak continues with the Redskins defense finding the endzone before the offense in every game this season so far.  The defense has actually outscored the offense in the first half by a double digit multiple.  In today's NFL, the new "player safety" rules has allowed offenses to score more points than ever.  For some reason the Redskins still can't seem to score a F'ing touchdown consistently.
The Redskins Special Teams puts a new meaning on the word "Special"

Dez Bryant led the Cowboys with 71 yards
 The Washington Redskins had a few holes in their 52 man roster as the Cowboys special teams embarrassingly pointed out.  Dwayne Harris returned a punt for 86 yards and then again returned a kickoff for 90.  With the exception of those two plays, the Redskins Defense played really well holding the Cowboys leading wide receiver Dez Bryant to 4 catches totalling 71 yards.  Dez left the game with a back injury and Jason Garrett informed the media in the post game press conference that Bryant could hardly walk.

The Redskins face the Chicago Bears tomorrow at Fedex and are getting closer and closer to a must win situation.  If they continue to lose, we will start addressing a mathematical miracle that will keep the commercial spots sold however the season will be realistically over.  Remain positive and rebound by kicking the Bears ass tomorrow would be a step in the right direction. 

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