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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Washington Redskins avoided the "BIG SPLASH" in free agency and have elected to take a "BACK SEAT" by Ron Robey

Dan Gruden new Washington Redskins Head Coach

The Washington Redskins are back!!!

The Washington Redskins had to have one of the worst seasons in Skins history with only a few others to consider if any.  Robert Griffin III started off slow and couldn't seem to get anything going in the first half as the Redskins coaching set up between Shenahan and Snyder spiraled out of control.  In the end if there was a board on the wall at Redskins camp (like 27 days without an injury on the job poster) it would read, 1 as in one day without a rumor that got out.  There's no chance that RG3 is going to spit and sputter this year under Bengals Offensive Coordinator which is now the new Washington Redskins Head Coach.

The Redskins seem to be having a bit of trouble with Fred Davis who has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL for breaking their substance abuse rules again.  Davis spent a few games on suspension last year but not long enough to learn his lesson apparently.  Strike him off of the list of players including Brandon Meriweather, Perry Riley, Josh Wilson which are free agents.  You're needing a strong safety in a bad way while you pass up on CB Derrelle Revis and don't secure any of the 6 best available Safety's?  Sometimes more is lost in indecision than the wrong decision.

On a positive note, London Fletcher is speaking out with his advice on what the team should be doing including but not limited to acquiring Revis.  The Redskins have re-signed veteran players Brian Orakpo, DeAngelo Hall and Santana Moss while releasing Adam Carriker for the 2014 Season.  This IS NOT a re-building year, that's why we gave up our draft picks for RG3.  You need to perform like this is your last chance in 2014 because you might be right.  :)  The Redskins are currently 20 million dollars under the NFL mandated 130 million dollar salary cap. -Ron Robey

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