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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Alexander Ovechkin (Ovie) vs. Robert Griffin III (RGIII)

Robert Griffin III vs. Alexander Ovechkin

If you're a true Washington D.C . fan than you love the Washington Redskins and the Washington Capitals.  As the Washington Nationals and the Washington Wizards couldn't seem to get a winning season together, the Caps and Redskins had the "Superstar Additions" that gave our city hope.   In 2004, the Caps signed the most electrifying player to ever take the ice, Alexander Ovechkin!  A few years later, we witnessed one of the greatest quarterback draft classes that the NFL Combine has ever produced.  That was so exciting because the Redskins were guaranteed one of the best QB Rookies in the Nation.  Why couldn't we ride off in the sunset and have some rings or cups to show for these additions? 

Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby (Center for the Pittsburgh Penguins) were both promised to the be the best players in the NHL.  Ovie could out skill the skill players and punish the bruising brawling opponents.  There's certainly not many players like him but Crosby had a very similar skill set that set himself apart in pressure situations.  Crosby won the Olympics for Canada and the Stanley Cup for the Penguins as Ovie couldn't seem to claim victory in the "win or go home" games for Russia or the Caps.

The Heisman Trophy winning Robert Griffin III could arguably be the best player in the 2012 NFL Draft as the Washington Redskins traded up with Seattle for the second spot.  RGIII definitely has the potential to be great and has already done great things but wasn't the first pick overall for a reason.  Much like the Sydney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin comparison, the NFL has already highlighted Griffin as injury prawn and unable to 100% bounce back from them.  Although Andrew Luck (The 2012 NFL Draft First Overall Pick) has not won a Super Bowl yet which seems to be the way great players are measured, he's clearly a better quarterback and leader at this point than RGIII.

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